Jetty Restaurant is an historical place to be in. You can’t miss the Jetty when you’re strolling down by the seaside along Schad Promenade in Swakopmund. Next time you’re in town, take a few moments to enjoy the pleasures associated with this feature. From seafood to sea views, there’s more to the Jetty than you think.

The new jetty was planned to be 640m in length, but only 262m had been finished when along came the war and that was the end of that.

The foundations were secured by drilling into the bedrock, and the Jetty became a hotspot for fishing and walking among locals and visitors alike. By 1983, the Jetty had become a dangerous eye-sore and was considered to be dangerous. It was closed to the public.

A massive fundraising campaign was set in motion and construction began on a new Jetty in 2005. This new, improved Jetty opened on 6 October, and the Town Council was charged with maintaining it and making it commercially viable.

By 2010, the Jetty was due for refurbishment once again and an extensive upgrade took place, including the addition of a restaurant, The Jetty 1905, on site.

Back in Time

The initial construction on the Jetty took place between 1904 and 1905. The work was done by a team of 60 laborers from the German Eisenbahn-baukompagnie.

This wooden construction was designed to compensate for the failings of the original Swakopmund Mole which had proved wholly unsuitable as a harbor. As such, the Jetty became the new loading and offloading platform for the cargo ships visiting Swakopmund.

The original dimensions of 275m by 9m could not cope with the loads, and in 1907, the Jetty was extended by 50m in length and 5m across.

The Jetty Today

Now, apart from its attractions as a viewpoint over the ocean, patrons can enjoy a meal with panoramic sea views during their visit.

The abundance of accommodation options in the area place the Jetty in a convenient spot for visitors to Swakopmund in search of delicious seafood or a pictures and it’s ideal place to walk.

“The Jetty is also a popular spot for photographer and fishermen – although fishing from the Jetty is technically illegal”

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